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What our clients are saying

I’ve worked with Nancy on more than one film project and she has world-class expertise and wisdom about navigating the world of festivals and strategizing about how to get the most out of them. She’s absolutely remarkable, and I would suggest ANY producer or director with a new film meet with the Cinema Collet team to give themselves the best chance to succeed in the world of festival screenings, awards, and distribution.

Lukas Hauser – Senior Partner and Director at McConnell/Hauser

It was an absolute pleasure working with Nancy. Her insight and expertise were invaluable as my team navigated the festival circuit with our first feature documentary. She was super helpful creating a strategy and helping us maximize our chance for strong consideration and inclusion. I’d highly recommend her and would love to work with her on my next film!

Sam McConnell – Senior Partner and Director at McConnell/Hauser

Nancy is such an incredible addition to any film team! Bring her in early and let her be a part of all aspects as she brings so much to the table. She will think of ideas and ways to promote, screen, distribute, market and amplify the reach of your film.

She is also able to take any film and breathe life into it – helping create or reshape the messaging, the poster, the trailer, the festival run and even distribution. She does the hard work of building the relationships and then brings those into the mix to help you with your film.

Nancy is also a great person to have on your side at festivals in person and is fun to be with on top of all of it!

June Beallor – Director/President, June Beallor Productions

One of the best decisions I ever made for myself was hiring Nancy as a festival film consultant. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the film festival industry, heavily connected and is also a wellspring of information on how to present your film to the world. When I hired Nancy, the goal was for her to help my short film get into film festivals and she under promised and way over delivered. Nancy is such a tremendous a joy to work with that I find myself wanting to make another film just to have an excuse to work with her again. Thanks to her, my short film world premiered inside the Cannes Film Festival, and the time I spent with her in France were some of the most memorable of my life. She is classy, fun, extremely dialed-in and professional, She doesn’t ever make it feel like work. One minute you’re just having a good time, and the next, all your goals are completed. With Nancy, you don’t just gain a consultant, you gain a friend.

– Thommy Kane – President & CEO of Kane Publications and Direfall Entertainment

I worked with Nancy in 2022-2023 on the festival run for our documentary film, Anxious Nation. Nancy is extremely knowledgeable about film festivals, leveraged her strong relationships on our behalf, and guided us through 10+ film festivals. She is thoughtful, caring, and very experienced. I highly recommend her services.

Laura Morton – President, Laura Morton Management

“After we completed production, my producers and I needed someone to help us navigate the worlds of film festivals and distribution for our indie feature.  We were lucky enough to hear about Nancy, and when we checked her references they all said the same thing: “Run to hire her.”  To that I would add, “Sprint to hire her!”  Nancy was a dream resource for us.  She knows everything about every film festival – and there are legions of them – and she gave us great advice as to which festivals were the best fits for us.  Once we were accepted to festivals, Nancy helped us get prime time slots for our screenings, helped us hire excellent public relations firms, and was a great help with our social media as well.  She knows all the top sales agents, poster and trailer makers, and distributors, and she worked very hard on our behalf in all those areas every step of the way. Nancy is always personable and professional, never lets up or gives up, and I can’t recommend her more highly.”

Tom Schulman  – Academy Award Winning Director, Double Down South

“I have worked closely with Nancy for several years on numerous films and she brings tremendous expertise, industry knowledge & contacts, thoughtfulness and thoroughness to everything she does. Her input and instincts have great value for any filmmaker or project interested in a festival strategy and campaign.”

Amy Slotnick – Senior Vice President at Passion Point Collective

“Nancy knows how to get things done in the film business.
She also knows everyone.”

Peter Newman, Head of MBA/MFA Dual Degree Program – Tisch School of the Arts NYU

“Nancy is a dynamo! She understands the business and has great intuition. I highly recommend her to all filmmakers in need of a strong advocate on the fest circuit and strategic guidance in distribution.”

Heather Waters, Founder, Richmond International Film Festival

“Nancy is amazing at her job. I would strongly reccomend her to any filmmaker looking for assistance in promoting their films.”

Riki Kucheck, Festival Director, Newport Beach Film Festival

“I am a writer and director of five motion pictures. On my last film, the producers and I were going through the festival circuit and we made the choice to collaborate with Nancy Collet at Cinema Collet. We are happy to say we made the right choice. Nancy and her team are extremely collaborative, insightful with all the elements pertaining to the film festival world (there are so many it’s insane), and most importantly, they were a joy to work with. She was communicative throughout the contract, explaining which festivals we’d have the best chance and why, whether it was geographical or the cast/crew were alumni, and she gave us all a peace of mind that our film would have the best chance at the festivals that she and her team researched and organized for our film to be submitted to. With Nancy, we will screen at numerous festivals and we took home an award with our last festival in Los Angeles.

In addition to her film festival strategic skills, she’s also extremely knowledgeable with the distribution terrain and helped point us in the right direction. 

Navigating the Film Festival circuit can be so incredibly difficult with many obstacles that can be hidden from the filmmaker. However, if you have someone like Nancy, she will make it a rewarding experience and absolutely give your film the best chance to be seen by the world. 

I highly recommend Nancy and Cinema Collet. Truly a wonderful experience and I hope to do it many more times.”

Derek Presley, Writer/Director

“Putting a film together is hard enough let alone knowing what to do with it when it’s complete. I have worked with Nancy on two previous films. The first was “Boon” which she placed in The Gasparilla Film Festival as the festival’s opening film. Having had such a great experience, we knew we needed Nancy for our next feature “Tonic” where she has helped consult and manage several festival entries and selections. My advice to young or even mature filmmakers is to get her company involved from the beginning. It’s often hard to think about spending dollars from your budget on festivals but it is something that is necessary if you want it seen by that audience. Nancy and her team are veterans in the industry and will certainly help you navigate the rough waters of the film industry. I highly recommend Nancy for your next film.”

Jason Starne, Producer

“If you are the producer of an indie film, short or feature, narrative or documentary, Nancy Collet is the producer’s rep to hire. She really knows festivals – and there are zillions out there. It is literally a jungle. She personally knows many festival directors, which helps, and she has a good eye for picking the right festivals. Once you are accepted, she will handle many of details involved, including getting your airfare and hotel covered if the festival has that kind of budget. Once you have some awards and your word-of-mouth has begun to build, she can also introduce you to reputable distributors. Run, don’t walk, if she wants to rep your film.”

Joan Borsten, Producer

“Nancy produced our inaugural Audience Awards Film Festival in LA. LA has over 40 festivals, so pulling in 2600 people for a first year event was quite an accomplishment and we owe much of that to Nancy. What I noticed immediately about Nancy is that when she calls, people answer. Nancy is a connector, influencer, full producer – thinking about every detail, how to do it right and getting it done. We like to say around the office – “you need to Collet this.” In other words, dream it, execute it and deliver it with a bow.”

Paige Williams, CEO, Founder AudPop

“Nancy Collet is the first phone call I will make when I have my next independent feature headed to the festival circuit. Her years of experience, genuine relationships, strategic thinking, and attention to detail made our festival run with “The Falconer” so much better!

The film has played at over 16 festivals and won 13 Jury awards at major festivals, including Newport Beach, SCAD, and Heartland. Those wins include 5x Best Narrative Feature, 2x Best Director, Best Cinematography, 2x Best Screenplay, and Best Actor.

Nancy played an instrumental role in our journey and she is a total joy to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!”

Seanne Winslow, Writer/Director/Producer

“Nancy was such a wonderful advocate of our film. She brought her years of experience and relationship-building to bear on our behalf. In a crowded and constantly-evolving market, Nancy helped us keep our “true north” and went over and above to help us get our film out into the world.”

Adam Sjoberg, Director and Producer

“Nancy was an invaluable asset for me and my team when pursuing the festival and sales phases for two independent films we produced. Her knowledge and contacts within the industry are top notch and contributed to two very successful festival runs and subsequent distribution deals. I would recommend her to any filmmaker looking to navigate the often intimidating festival and sales paths required to bring a film to market.”

Steven Oritt, Director

“Nancy has been a consistently effective advocate for our film amid a complex landscape and has brought her deep experience & relationships to bear with grace & skill. I would 100% recommend working with her and consider her a wonderful partner, impact-maker, and friend to indie producers.”

David Jacobson, Film/TV Producer

“When launching the inaugural Baja International Film Festival in Cabo, Mexico we realized that we needed someone who could help us to build a world-class film festival in a short period of time. We’d heard that Nancy had consulted to a number of leading film festivals and that she was integral to their success. Nancy exceeded all of our expectations and became an invaluable part of the festival team. Her strong knowledge of the film industry, along with her deep industry relationships and ability to strategize and think creatively, helped to position the Baja Film Festival as a leading new festival in Mexico and beyond. Nancy is not only a film industry expert but she is also a superior business leader who brings intelligence, creativity, integrity, discipline and great passion to her work. She is also extremely personable and easy going, making her a joy to work with. I strongly recommend Nancy and hope that others have the privilege of working with her.”

Sean Cross, Co-Founder Cabos Film Festival, Vail Film Festival

“Nancy has proven herself to be one of the top film programmers in the world, as she understands what films work for any given festival and knows how to communicate with filmmakers and studios.

Equally important, Nancy is well organized and has great systems for tracking and coordinating films.

I would hire her for any festival, again and again.”

Jon Fitzgerald, Film Festival Director and founder, Slamdance Film Festival

“Nancy is top notch at what she does and really has her fingers n the pulse of all things independent film. If you’re looking for someone with experience and gravitas in the industry Nancy is your gal.”

Amy Prenner-Corralez, Communications Executive

“In the complex and overwhelming film festival circuit, Nancy has the knowledge, experience, and connections to be an incredible ally. Even though my project was only a short film, she treated it — and me — as a priority. She believed in the film. She was a cheerleader for it. And we were selected to some awesome festivals because of her hard work. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Jake Hull, Director

“Nancy has proven tremendous knowledge of the independent film circuit in both niche markets and major festivals. She played a key role in creating and curating Nu Point of View, a television film showcase catering to Latino filmmakers. Nancy brings a lot of experience to the table and is very willing to collaborate on start-ups to produce the best festival for our specific needs as a English language Latino television network.”

Annette Silva, Development and Field Producer

“Nancy is a knowledgeable professional with extensive experiences and valuable contacts.”

Shauna Hardy, Founder & Board Member, Whistler Film Festival

“Nancy is an absolute asset to any independent filmmaker navigating through the often-challenging process of getting a film to market. She is super smart and her vast experience is invaluable. She is extremely detail oriented and focused on delivering the best possible project to the filmmakers to take to market. Nancy’s deep knowledge base in the field and extraordinary contacts are unmatched! Plus, she is a pleasure to work with, very collaborative and she truly cares! When you work on a project with Nancy you know you are getting a true partner who is equally committed to hitting it out of the park for the filmmakers.”

Wendy Zipes Hunter, Co-Founder Prana PR

“Nancy is a great addition to any team. She has really great taste in film and an extensive knowledge base of the field. Nancy is an expert at what she does and is a fabulous person to work with. Her skills matched with her personality are a winning combination and an asset to any company or project. I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone looking to establish, improve or expand their programming and film acquisition needs.”

Kim Jackson, Founder, Evo Media

“Nancy is an effective leader, problem solver and overall go getter. She single-handedly created a film festival for NuvoTV from the ground up. She is also a genuine pleasure to work with and is so well connected she makes even a difficult mission look easy.”

Lynnette R, President of Bassett Vance Productions

“Nancy brings a unique combination of invaluable knowledge, key connections, and passion for film.”

Chad Moore, Board of Directors, Gasparilla Music Foundation

“I have known Nancy back to her days at AFI. We asked her several years ago to come in and assist the Gasparilla International Film Festival with programming. Nancy is very connected in the industry and has been a great partner for us. She does what she says she is going to do, when she says she is going to do it. What more can you ask, as these can be rare traits in the entertainment industry? I consider her a friend and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Eric Odum, Gasparilla Film Festival

“Nancy understands your needs and cooperates to solve them, besides being a great person to deal with.”

Daniela Ribeiro, Content Executive

“Nancy is an exceptional person. She has a special sensitivity for identifying, and then aggressively acquiring unique opportunities that the average and even the highly skilled would overlook…Highly recommended.”

Terrence Alexander

“I had the pleasure of working with Nancy many years ago at Twentieth Century Fox Television when I was the Director of Media Relations and she was my assistant. I found Nancy to be very bright, engaging and a quick study. She was able to learn the particulars of the publicity business quickly and effectively, and was always eager to learn. Her demeanor was very professional and I appreciated her calm rationality when it came to handling mercurial celebrities. I also enjoyed working with Nancy on her writing and editing skills, which flourished during the course of our affiliation.

I am so pleased to see how well Nancy has done in the years since we worked together. I always knew she had wonderful things ahead of her.”

Kim Wilder, Media Relations